Flakka in Hollywood FL is a Growing Problem

In the last year, the unpredictable synthetic stimulant flakka has spread across Broward County, resulting in bizarre incidents, hospitalizations and growing concerns. The county's Chief Medical Examiner, Craig Mallak, announced this spring that the drug had killed 16 Broward residents from September 2014 to mid-April 2015.

In January 2014, the Drug Enforcement Administration classified Flakka as a Schedule I drug in Florida and four other states. This drug can cause "excited delirium," which involves paranoia, hallucinations and hyperstimulation. It is also sometimes the active ingredient in designer drugs known as "bath salts."

If a loved one is using an especially dangerous drug like flakka, he or she might need an intervention. Hollywood Florida drug rehab can assist you in locating treating services. Call them today!

What is an Intervention?

Generally, an addiction intervention is a meeting of people who are concerned about a drug or alcohol user who needs treatment. There are different types of intervention that can be held. The one constant recommended is to have a professional interventionist guide the group, regardless of the model of intervention chosen.

Addiction Intervention Models

Direct Confrontation: The group talks with the abuser, confronting him or her about addictive behaviors, pointing out the harmful effects and negative impacts substance abuse has made on everyone's lives. Support is offered as long as the abuser is willing to go to treatment. The focus is on convincing the abuser enter treatment (which should be pre-arranged). If resistance occurs, the abuser is told if treatment is refused, no support system will continue, in effect raising the "bottom", in the hopes the person will realize it's time to go into rehab and enter the pre-arranged treatment.

Indirect Confrontation: The group meets privately, without the addict present, with an interventionist who educates them on coping with the abuser's addiction. Then, the abuser is invited but the meetings continue whether the invitation is accepted or not. Learning about co-dependency is the focus, educating the group on how to treat the addict while protecting themselves from the harmful consequences addiction brings.

Forcible Interventions: Direct interventions result in forcible confinement of the addict and treatment is mandatory. Court ordered treatment is one example. Another is the group of concerned loved ones threatening arrest if treatment is refused.

Hollywood FL drug rehab can help you locate a treatment facility. South Broward Narcotics Anonymous (http://southbrowardna.org/) can help you get with your flakka addiction. Take your life back today.


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