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Addiction recovery programs come in different forms and employ different techniques to give a drug or alcohol addict the best chance at attaining sobriety. Drug rehab Hollywood is ready to help you explore the different recovery programs and to get into the program that best suits your tastes and needs. Call drug rehab Hollywood FL today at (954) 239-2548.

What Are Recovery Programs?

Recovery programs are sets of treatments, therapies, as well as guided discovery of coping mechanisms and strategies that have the end goal of getting a person sober and keeping them that way. These programs of recovery are based on various models of recovery that serve as a philosophical basis for treatment as well as help to provide structure and sequencing to treatments and activities within the program of recovery.

How Are They Designed With The 12 Steps In Mind?

The 12 steps of recovery program is perhaps the most well-known type of program for addiction recovery around. These 12 steps are sequenced in a way to guide recovering addicts through the mental and emotional journey of dealing with their own addiction and substance abuse problem, as well as to make amends for the ways their actions while abusing drugs or alcohol may have affected others.

In essence, it can serve as a sequencing guideline for many programs of recovery. And a vast majority of the programs of recovery currently available are designed with these 12 steps in mind. Most do not explicitly walk recovering addicts through the 12 step process but use those steps as a way to structure their treatments and ensure that the addicts who go through treatment receive comprehensive care in an order than makes sense.

What Are Some Of The Models Of Recovery?

There are several models of recovery aside from the 12 steps that can be used as a basis for programs of addiction recovery. These models are unique to one another but are often combined in various ways to create programs of recovering that can provide the best possible treatment for any and all recovering addicts who seek out treatment. Some of these models include:

Motivational Interviewing

The motivational interviewing model of addiction recovery focuses on developing and encouraging a recovering addict's personal motivations for seeking out treatment and overcoming their addiction. It is a patient-centered form of treatment that makes the recovering addict complicit in their treatment and makes them feel empowered and in charge of their recovery. This is done through a relationship that is more like an alliance than a doctor-patient or teacher-student relationship. The therapist steps back and provides guidance rather than instruction in treatment so that the recovering addict will take charge of their own healing and recovery and continue to take responsibility for it after completing treatment.

Motivational Incentives

Under the motivational incentives recovery model, motivation is still important. However, this model focuses on the reality that rehab and recovery cause recovering addicts to feel as if they are on a mental and emotional roller coaster. And sometimes recovering addicts are more motivated about recovery and treatment than others. Thus, this model offers recovering addicts tangible rewards such as gift cards or food for attending and participating in their treatment. This helps to get recovering addicts back on track without slipping or falling behind in the treatment process to wait out problem moods and emotions.

What Are Some Types Of Substance Abuse Treatment Therapy?

Every recovery program offers a wide variety of treatments and therapies. While all have some form of individual and group therapy to deal with addiction causes, triggers, and coping mechanisms, there are also other treatments available. Some of these include:

Family therapy helps to rebuild relationships between recovering addicts and their family members to ensure that they have the love and support of their family following addiction treatment. It also gives the family members a chance to address their own related struggles or issues and to heal in the process.

Art therapy helps recovering addicts to become more aware of their moods and emotions and how they can affect behaviors, particularly as they relate to substance abuse and addiction. The creation and viewing of art helps to identify emotions and can serve as a valid coping strategy for expressing and dealing with emotions in a healthy and non-destructive way.

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