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Most people who suffer from drug or alcohol addictions feel that they are the exception to the rule when it comes to relapse and relapse prevention. In their minds, they are stronger than anyone else who is dealing with an addiction, and therefore, learning about relapse prevention is simply unnecessary. However, in reality, no matter how strong a recovering addict is (or thinks they are), the lack of relapse prevention in any addiction recovery plan is a surefire way to resume substance abuse. The specialists at drug rehab Hollywood know that relapse prevention is of the utmost importance and can provide you with the information and care that you need to successfully recover from your drug or alcohol addiction. Call today at 954-239-2548 for more information about treatment programs. Call drug rehab Hollywood FL today at (954) 239-2548.

Relapse is, above all else, a process. It is not what most people think, which is a momentary weakness in which a person with a drug or alcohol addiction uses the addicted substance again. There is much more to it than that single moment. Relapse is actually the process of resuming behaviors, feelings, thoughts, and other actions that can lead to resuming substance abuse, not just the moment when that substance abuse resumes.

Relapse prevention is a set of techniques, strategies, treatments, and coping mechanisms designed to help a person stop themselves from entering into the relapse process and/or to stop relapse when it is still in the earlier stages. These prevention strategies are first developed in initial addiction treatment (in rehab) but are further developed and put to use afterwards.

What Are The Stages Of Relapse and Associated Prevention Techniques?

There are three distinct stages of relapse that progress in order. They are emotional, mental, and physical relapse.

Emotional relapse is the only stage of relapse in which the recovering addict may be completely unaware that they are relapsing. That is to say, it is unconscious and does not involve any intention or thought of substance abuse. Signs of emotional relapse can be:

  • Poor eating and sleeping habits
  • Depression or fatigue
  • Anxiety
  • Mood swings
  • Anger and/or aggression

Prevention of emotional relapse relies primarily on emotional and behavioral awareness. This is first developed in individual and group therapy in addiction treatment as well as in art and/or music therapy. The use of art and music as a coping mechanism for addressing problematic emotions and expressing those emotions in a healthy form of release such as painting, drawing, song writing or even dance are helpful ways of preventing emotional relapse from progressing. Continued and regular attendance of support group meetings can also help a great deal.

When a person progresses to mental relapse, their mind begins to betray them. This stage can be more difficult to get under control without outside assistance (unlike emotional relapse in which a person can redirect their emotions fairly easily). Signs that a person has begun mental relapse are:

  • Obsessive thoughts about past drug use
  • Glorification or glamorization of drug use
  • Planning their drug use to keep it hidden from friends or family
  • Contacting past associates and dealers

Because a recovering addict cannot trust their own thoughts in this stage of relapse, it is important to know who a person can turn to when dealing with mental relapse. Immediate and very frequent (up to several times a day) attendance of support group meetings can help to snap a person out of mental relapse. They will remember why they are sober by sharing their story and listening to others share theirs. Additionally, talking to family or friends, a therapist, or sponsor are options to help overcome and reverse mental relapse.

Physical relapse occurs when a person gets a hold of and uses the substance that they are (or were) addicted to. If they reach this stage, the only recourse, is to seek out the immediate assistance of a treatment center or support group to get the drug out of the person's system and to start again in the recovery process. The key here is to not let embarrassment at the resumption of substance abuse to deter a person from seeking assistance in getting back on track.

Relapse prevention, as you now understand, is extremely important in the addiction treatment process. Drug rehab Hollywood can help you find the treatment you need to overcome your addiction and to stay sober for many years to come. Call drug rehab Hollywood FL at (954) 239-2548.

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